Feeling stressed lately i don’t even know why could it be because i miss my family that live in Las Vegas sometimes i feel like dropping everything and school just to move out there but then i just feel like I’m just running away but i shouldn’t be the answer i need to learn how to balance these feeling maybe im not happy with my life style i got to change that.


Daily life of a student named Dexter Borja.


Each day i feel as if the days get shorter while i’m in class. I become more confused about what am i trying to do here but then i remind myself of the skills that i’m going to need in order to advance in life to better my self and to become someone who is successful and a functioning member of the society. i don’t want to feel like i’m on this planet to consume space i will become who i set out to be and ill do my best. but so far i need to figure out how to use my time wisely.

Population growth and the importance of the mating process.



This world just seems to be consuming itself some might say we are virus to this planet. well what do you think? we destroy and reproduce at such an alarming rate that we are consuming our resources demanding more and more from our planet. their is around 7 billion people currently that inhabit this planet. i belief this has to be slowed down Maybe we could better educate our young on the practice of mating and its important’s if the world keeps at this pace soon we will see some real tragic things happen.